« Termini e condizioni di vendita »


Registration is only complete when payment of the registration fee, as outlined in article 2 below, has been received and confirmed.
The training programme will take place at the respective sites of the companies involved or at another real or virtual site as communicated following registration.


€ 300.00 + VAT 22% for MasterClasses
€ 38.00 (VAT included) for a PodClass
€ 380.00 (VAT included) for a package of 13 PodClasses

Payment must be made when registering, using the following methods:

Bank transfer to Challenge Network Srl
Banco Popolare Group
IBAN – IT 78 L 05034 03221 0000 0003 4309
Description: registration Masterclass/PodClass TITLE, name of company and name of participant.
Attach the PDF of the payment receipt to the corresponding registration form

PayPal payment to Challenge Network Srl filling out the corresponding registration form and using the PayPal platform. Challenge Network bears no responsibility for sensitive data entered directly on the PayPal platform.


During the registration process outlined in articles 1 and 2 above, the company shall provide written notification of the names of the participants in the session. The company has the right to substitute one or more participants within 3 working days of the start of the session.
If the company communicates the withdrawal of one or more participants within 3 days of the start of the course they will nonetheless be charged 50% of the fee.
If no withdrawals are communicated by the date and time of the start of the course, the full fee shall be charged. To this end, Challenge Network is expressly authorised to retain all sums already paid until all due fees have been paid in full.
Similarly, if a financing procedure has been launched on behalf of the company using Interprofessional Funds, Challenge Network will in any case be entitled to receive the administration fee for the services rendered, established by a separate order.

The acquisition of the product via the methods outlined in articles 1 and 2 is final with no possibility of withdrawal or reimbursement.


Challenge Network reserves the right to postpone or cancel the scheduled course notifying participants via fax or e-mail within 3 working days of the date the course is due to start.

Challenge Network also reserves the right to change the programme/course site and/or replace the indicated trainers with other trainers of the same level of expertise for organisational purposes.


The course will be delivered via online systems in compliance with the national security measures established as part of the COVID 19 state of emergency.
The course is delivered via the Cisco Webex platform and so all participants will be obliged to use internet connections of sufficient stability and strength to support the transmission of video and audio content.
To this end, the company and/or the participant declare that they possess the necessary hardware and software to attend the course.
The company and/or participant is solely responsible for guaranteeing the stability of their internet connection and their compliance with the aforementioned requirements for the full duration of the course. As such, except in the unlikely case that the discontinuity of the internet connection is the fault of the course provider, in the event of absent or problematic internet connections the company and/or the participant will nonetheless be required to pay the full registration fee.

The product will be delivered via streaming and, once purchased, it will be possible to use it at any time. The product may be viewed and used solely by the participant and must not be transmitted or shared with third parties.


The sole competent court for the interpretation and execution of this contract is the court of Rome.