The new internal communication

Developing Trust, Engagement, and Brand Reputation

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Communication has always been one of the key factors to inform, share and align knowledge and culture, experiences and expectations. To communicate, in the business environment, is a key tool to drive, motivate and, above all, to promote and value high performances both of the organization as a whole and the people working in it.

In a world that should now manage new concepts such as social distancing and remote work, communication takes a more strategic and indispensable role.
Effective communication should, therefore, follow specific and precise basic principles without which is at risk of losing its powerful impact and even producing negative effects on people engagement and performances and, consequently of future company success.

• Identify and measure the effectiveness of internal communication
• Define internal communication strategies consistent with company values and its brand positioning statement
• Know the basic principles enabling effective internal communication
• Structure internal communication plans and monitor their results


Board members, people in charge of internal communication, managers, HR.

Our Masters

Dario De Gregorio
Expert in Organizational Development, Employer Branding and Communication

Dario was born in Rome in 1964 and here he graduated in International Relations at LUISS’.
In 1990, he joined the HR Department at SIP (the former Italian domestic TCL provider) while in 1995 he started a 20+ years of international experience in the International Division of Telecom Italia …