Sustainable Innovation

Training Companies to Become Lasting and Resilient

MasterClasses will be done only with a minumum number of participants. Contact us and tell us your interest!

Being sustainable simply means being able to last through time. We can’t be sustainable without radically innovating what we do and we can’t imagine facing the long and challenging innovation path if not with the goal of becoming more sustainable. At a time when changes are faster and more profound than ever, innovating requires an extraordinary capacity of vision towards the future, an attitude that we aren’t born with, but we can train. In the same way, we can train our companies to be profitable in time, by stimulating creativity and the ability to observe many possible future scenarios, an imperative quality for any company that wants to anticipate change rather than react to it.

  • The relationship between sustainability and innovation: new strategies and new relationships within the different corporate areas and industries
  • How can we train our ability to look at the future


All functions related to business development, innovation, and sustainability.

Our Masters

Andrea Geremicca
Director @ EIIS European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability

Andrea Geremicca is Director of the European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (EIIS) and professor at LUISS. He attended Harvard Business School Executive in 2018 studying how to drive innovation in large companies and / or organizations. …