Online Communication

Working Effectively with Digital Tools

MasterClasses will be done only with a minumum number of participants. Contact us and tell us your interest!

How do you become a good online communicator? How can we best use the digital platforms that are becoming prevalent in every professional area?
This webinar will help participants improve «digital leadership» skills and impact, increasing agility and comfort when communicating and facilitating the transition to a new corporate dimension.
The goal isn’t to abandon traditional «in-person» interaction; on the contrary, to make the continuous transition between online and offline more fluid and natural. In short, the goal is to acquire the same level of engagement and spontaneity that we already have in switching between live and phone communication.

  • Live/online communication: main differences in body language
  • How to effectively keep eye contact while talking and listening
  • Voice, timing, rhythm: the new wavelength in the online world
  • “Presence”, impact, empathy in the digital world: between remote working and smart working
  • Proxemics: distance, posture, effective poses, and attitudes
  • Managing time and rhythm in digital communication: synthesis, efficacy, feedback
  • Digital Leadership: new management attitude in the online conversation
  • Managing the interlocutors: engagement, assertiveness, persuasion


Entrepreneurs, top and middle management of all company functions.


Alberto Castelvecchi
Communication & Public Speaking expert Senior Partner Challenge Network

Alberto Castelvecchi is Professor of Public Speaking at Luiss Guido Carli University, and Associate Professor at Luiss Business School, where he where he is a very committed trainer for specific Masters and companies from different sectors.
He is an acknowledged expert in personal communication, with a new method for feeling comfortable in communication. He also deals with personal image, preparation of political campaigns and advanced techniques for interviews and broadcasting communication. …

Alberto Castelvecchi