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How to Answer to New Market Needs

MasterClasses will be done only with a minumum number of participants. Contact us and tell us your interest!

B2C commerce is one of the fields that has been most affected by the transformations that are taking place in the current historical period. The impact is both local and systemic, and it adds to the digital transformation process that many companies had already started and that was catalysing energy and investments. To thrive in this new context, we must understand its structural rationale and follow new rules. Which strategies shall we implement to adapt our business to a new and profoundly transformed ecosystem? In the light of a new reference context, how shall we sustain new client requirements? How shall we tap into, analyse and answer to the new market needs?

  • Needs, desires, and expectations of people concerning the commerce world
  • The evolution of Customer Journey
  • How technological and digital innovation can help industry players
  • The right approach to transform the crisis in opportunity
  • Designing a Superior Customer Experience


Entrepreneurs and managers in all B2C industries, entrepreneurs and managers in B2B industries that wish to evaluate DTC (direct to consumer) processes.

Our Masters

Giuseppe Stigliano

CEO at Wunderman Thompson Italy (WPP Group) Professor of Retail Marketing Innovation, Author and Speaker 

Giuseppe is an entrepreneurial manager with 15 years of international experience in Marketing and Communication services. He serves as CEO of Wunderman Thompson – a global marketing and advertising agency with 200 offices all over the world. …

Giuseppe Stigliano