Diversity as a strategic asset

A Global Mindset for a Global Business

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In a world that is overly connected yet fragmented, companies need leaders that have a global mindset, meaning the ability to think globally, adapting to the different cultures of local markets. At the same time, an increasing number of companies are finding themselves managing multicultural teams. Managers must be trained to use this heterogeneity as a carrier of innovation, creativity and value creation, rather than a dysfunctional factor. Managing international teams remotely, following the impact of Covid-19 on working habits, is requiring an extra effort to ensure efficiency and productivity. Participants will gain analytic tools, strategic directions, and practical advice on how to transform diversity in a competitive advantage by developing a «global mindset» that can function as a compass to navigate the increasing complexities of the current global context.

  • Diversity and global mindset as carriers of creativity, innovation and creation of value for international companies
  • The impact of cultural differences on international business and the strategies to transform them into an asset and a competitive advantage
  • Glocalization: the recipe for a sustainable and lasting internationalisation
  • Developing “cultural intelligence” as a corporate value to face global challenges
  • Change, ambiguity, and conflict management in multinational teams and projects
  • Creating a global company culture to attract global talent and build global


Board members, leaders and managers of international companies or companies that are becoming international, multicultural team leaders and members, HR, corporate training specialists, people in charge of transformation and cultural change processes, global projects team leaders.

Our Masters

Diego Gilardoni
Executive Coach, Speaker, Consulente e Autore

Diego Gilardoni is an eclectic professional with extensive international experience working at the nexus of global business, leadership, culture, and communication.
As a certified Executive Coach, Diego supports leaders in their professional development by helping them unlock their potential and increase their ability to create ambitious visions. …

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