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While years ago companies were mainly focused on satisfying the interests of clients, investors, and entrepreneurs, nowadays they attribute equal importance to the three Ps (Profit, Purpose, People). A direct consequence of this change is the renewed consideration of the workforce, now viewed as one of the strategic assets of each business. For a long time (even before the digital era) customer experience has been at the centre of companies’ focus, given that the acquisition, management, loyalty, and development of the customer pool led to immediate business benefits. Based on the same model, we started talking about employee experience as having the same kind of impact on a company’s results. In the current reality, governed by digitalization, smart working, and the thirst for talent – which can make a difference when it comes to new technologies, Data Management, integrated and complex systems, etc. – the effective management and development of employee experience can be an enormous competitive advantage.

  • Employer branding: how to coherently communicate company values and proposed work experience
  • Recruiting & onboarding: ensuring alignment between expectations and corporate
  • Training & development: an employee-centric approach to training and career development
  • Employee relations: management flexibility and caring about employee needs
  • Diversity & Inclusion: valuing diversity for a new organizational culture
  • Communication: internal communication that values employees


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Our Masters

Dario De Gregorio
Organizational Development Expert, Coach, trainer, assessor and Executive Recruiter

Dario was born in Rome in 1964 and here he graduated in International Relations at LUISS’.
In 1990, he joined the HR Department at SIP (the former Italian domestic TCL provider) while in 1995 he started a 20+ years of international experience in the International Division of Telecom Italia and then in its controlled international company, TMI, where he was appointed Processes & Organization Director. …