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Managing uncertainty with «embodied» leadership

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A masterclass focused on discovering the strategies that directors of orchestra and jazz band leaders adopt to manage their teams and how to apply these strategies in the corporate world.
Just like corporate leaders and managers, directors of orchestra find themselves alone on a stage, dealing with many challenges. Their strength is the ability to create harmony in a chaotic and turbulent environment, to make speedy decisions that also take into account everyone’s needs, to create deep interdependent relationships, and to manage with ease mistakes and unexpected situations.
Through a «conscious presence», the director can quickly analyse the situation to understand the dynamics involved, while keeping a cool head even in moments of tension.
This “embodied” leadership refers to the ability to be in the present and at the same time keep the connection with their inner self, the musicians, the music, the environment, and the audience.
This ability is even more tangible in jazz. Just like jazz players that get on the stage without knowing what they will play, in the current times of uncertainty managers also enter their companies without truly knowing what will happen. Jazz players, however, are prepared to deal with uncertainty and they know how to transform it in an opportunity to create value in an innovative and creative way.

  • The idea of creating music together as a tool for companies
  • The performance in music and companies: the composer, the soloist, the orchestra
  • Orchestra direction and “embodied” leadership
  • Leadership in jazz: an example of effectiveness for the current times
  • The value of one person in the end result
  • The power of active and interactive listening


Entrepreneurs, managers and experts, HR, leaders and operators of different functions.

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