Changing the game

Refining Your Negotiation and Decision-Making Skills for Creative Deal Making

MasterClasses will be done only with a minumum number of participants. Contact us and tell us your interest!

Managerial and executive success requires the ability to effectively negotiate, persuade others and make decisions. Whether you are forging an agreement with suppliers, trying to ink a deal with potential customers, raising money from investors, making decisions within a team, managing a conflict inside the firm, or tackling a dispute that is headed towards litigation, your ability to negotiate will affect your performance. This 3-part workshop will enable you to become more effective in the way you make decisions, influence others and negotiate.

At its core, the workshop is designed to help you audit and refine your negotiation skills, and to provide an opportunity for you to develop a negotiator’s lens for diagnosing and resolving business (and non-business) problems.

  • Negotiation framework to analyse, prepare for, and execute decisions inside and outside the firm that require you to work with others more systematically—and hence, more effectively
  • Building a negotiation toolkit with strategies and tactics you can use right away
  • iagnosing your individual needs, and identifying techniques for mitigating your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths when it comes to negotiation


Entrepreneurs and managers, all sales functions, account managers, sales managers.

Our Masters

Francesca Gino

Harvard Business School Professor and Author of “Rebel Talent”

Professor Gino is an award-winning researcher who focuses on why people make the decisions they do at work, and how leaders and employees have more productive, creative and fulfilling lives. …

Francesca Gino