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An extensive network through which the challenge of continuous improvement finds strategic and operative consulting services. We have developed integrated know-how services by means of training and incentive which translate into an important source of value and creativity.

Each project is built upon a creative mix of strategy and tools where Knowledge, Experience and Emotion are the unique ingredients.

To grant our customers services which meet effectiveness and efficiency criteria, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification for our services in their different stages, through constant measurement, analysis and monitoring of business processes.




Your needs are also ours.

Tailor-made projects crafted for and with our Clients, personalized and based on specific necessities and company objectives. We are your unique partner, from A to Z, covering all training and consultancy needs from content definition, activities, services and locations all the way to monitoring results.

Training is highly customized in terms of contents, timing and delivery procedures, designed in line with the customer’s needs, calibrated to grant high flexibility thanks to continuous monitoring in relation to objectives and motivations.




We provide detailed and continuously updated planning of inter-company courses covering the most important areas and functions of each business department, owing to an ongoing dialogue and to active listening of market demands.

We develop innovative training projects, depending on target, business areas, training contexts (knowledge, attitudes, ideas and values​​) and methodological tools.



An itinerant educational experience, now in its fifth edition, designed and built with the contribution of the most important companies in the national and international scenario. A training program to improve personal and managerial skills, to train and enhance continuous improvement and innovation in products, processes, services and customer value.



Short and intensive training courses, dedicated to top and middle managers and professionals in response to personal and work development needs. The effectiveness of such courses lies in the opportunity for companies to focus on one or more resources through a program aimed at a specific expertise. The courses offer participants the chance of meeting different business contexts and to profit from a dynamic and differentiated environment.



Coaching is a training tool aimed at guiding your human resources from a present to a desired state. Careful planning and personalization of each session allows for the development of a project which responds to the specific necessities of each Person. Coach and coachee develop an ad-hoc strategy together for each training path.


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