Next Challenge

SOCIAL LEARNING is a tool which enables the creation of value through the potential of social media, understood not only as online networking tools, but also as cooperative communities which exist and produce results when offline. GAMIFICATION is the integration and application of gaming dynamics in communication or training instruments (website, community, application) in order to increase the user’s participation and personal involvement: an innovative engagement solution and catalyst of horizontal and vertical cooperation.

NEXT CHALLENGE, our social business platform has 3 main objectives:

Increased corporate identity:

  • Consistent alignment with the company news
  • Real-time updates and sharing of information
  • Individual and collective self-learning

Mobilization of resources to implement training initiatives:

  • Active role for each user, enabling bottom-up information sharing
  • Training of the corporate community to new social networking and web 2.0 processes

Activation of internal and external communication to increase brand reputation:

  • Development of an identity communication flux; behaviours become external communication through each actors’ personal branding.