Financed Training Consultancy

We are your unique contact point for your Financed Training, offering solutions to finance your projects through interprofessional funds.

  • Financed Training Consultancy

We support our clients throughout the whole process: presentation, management and accounting.


Institutional or private bodies promoted by trade union organizations, which make use of 0.30% that social security agencies receive by firms based on current legislation to finance the continuous education of its members. Registration is free of charge and does not involve any cost for companies.

The Funds promote development of continuous education through training plans based on business sector or region.

Financed Training Consultancy

Presentation Phase:

–           Tender analysis and prerequisite evaluation

–           Drafting of technical report

–           Trade union agreement drafting (if required)

–           Financial estimate drafting

–           Presentation of funding request and its attachments

Management Phase:

–           Training activities and course delivery

–           Scheduling and logbook management

–           Data monitoring and platform management

–           Management of variations and prerequisite continuity

–           Dispatch of monitoring program

Accounting Phase:

–           Invoicing support

–           Accounting of expenses and general reporting

–           Certification of expenses with auditor

–           Dispatch of report and reimbursement

Our organization enables continuous support to monitor the opportunities offered by Interprofessional Funds.

Training Plans are financed through Calls, which determine terms and conditions. Large companies may access their “Individual Account” to make use of their resources.

  • Participation to Public Calls to finance training projects

We offer consultancy services to Firms and Associations from the initial to the final phase, including the following steps:

–           Call monitoring and information;

–           Project feasibility analysis;

–           Document gathering and preparation;

–           Business Plan and Financial Plan drafting;

–           Digital platform management and dispatch;

–           Project activity coordination;

–           Monitoring;

–           Accounting and reimbursement assistance

On our website, in each section, we will highlight the opportunities of each Interprofessional Fund and any other open funding opportunities.